Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

From February 2018, you MUST take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of personal data held in your systems

Notifiable Data Breaches scheme | Free Data Breach Response Plan

Security and Network Audits

A comprehensive review of your internal and external security should be completed annually or after significant change. A test restore of your system should be included to ensure your data is safe.
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Web Site Security

WordPress has made it easy for anybody to have a dynamic and beautiful web site. However this has made it a huge security target. If your website is important it requires backing up, securing and regular maintenance.
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Layered Security

From Anti-Virus to Zero-Day attacks, security is not a product it’s a process. Our layers of security keep you safe from modern threats.

Health IT provide a layered approach to security which includes:

1.       People Security (Training, common sense)
2.       Physical Security (Server accessibility, screen locks etc.)
3.       Network Security (Managed Firewall, Spam protection)
4.       Endpoint Security (Managed Anti-virus, anti-spyware)
5.       Application Security (Appropriate permissions, Principle of least privilege)
6.       Data Security (Backup and Disaster Recovery)